LIVE FULL OUT with intention, passion, and purpose!

I’m Janet, and I have 2 spirited kids and incredibly supportive husband in Santa Cruz, California. My love of psychology came about during my late 20s when I realized that my communication patterns weren’t serving the healthiest relationships in my life. I realized that a breakdown in communication was at the root of unhappiness, not just for myself, but for those around me as well. During my 9 years of clinical practice as a psychotherapist, I came to realize that huge improvements in all areas of life could be brought about by simple communication changes that not only led to empowerment for the client, but also stronger and healthier relationships overall. While they may be simple strategies, they do require intention and awareness, something that the brain does not always veer towards, as we live in autopilot most of our lives. I now work in the life coach domain to help clients who specifically want help in changing their communication styles and get across what they really mean while continually enhancing their relational experiences. I get so excited when my client’s have breakthroughs and realize that they can choose how to communication with honesty, empathy, and positivity.


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